The traditional onsen tamago, not widely consumed outside of Japan, follows a simple recipe of blasting an egg in its shell with hot steam or letting it slow-cook in hot water. It’s basically a poached egg that’s shelled after the poaching.

Seeing as perfectly poaching an egg the traditional western way is a messy and surprisingly complicated affair, it makes a lot of sense to just leave the eggs in their shells and stick them in some hot water for a while, or better yet, just leave them in a hot car, forget about them entirely, and go play some XBox. Next time you go on a beer run, you’ll find delicious onsen tamago waiting for you on your dashboard, like this Japanese Twitter user.

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An added benefit of this procedure is that you’ll end up with not one, not two, but 10 mass-produced onsen tamago. Why not 12? Because screw you, foreign devil – eggs come in packs of 10 in Japan!

The Twitter user who made the eggs claimed that they were so superbly cooked, the taste and texture was even better than a restaurant’s onsen tamago. However, somewhat dubiously, he also claimed that he threw most of them away because he “couldn’t eat 10 by himself.”

While this seems like a genius idea, keep in mind, folks, that just using hot water is probably a more reliable and safer method to make your own onsen tamago, and leaving eggs in your car for too long might put you at risk of turning them into zombie chickens. It also goes without saying that this only works in hotter climes.



Source: Byoukan Sunday
Photos: Twitter