Coffee filters, is there nothing they can’t do? Yes, but still.

While I always prefer to start the day with a good, strong cup of tea, as any right-thinking Englishman would, there’s no denying the effect a fresh cup of coffee has on preparing us for the gruelling day ahead. Nowhere more than the overtime-plagued work-until-you-drop culture of Japan does a daily cup of joe (or six) become a necessity.

With coffee filters cheaply available, what other uses can they be put to? The Internet responded.

This smart Twitter user has used their filter to drain off water content, thereby cleverly transforming yoghurt into slightly less watery yoghurt! For a recipe idea, you could do worse than trying this yummy kimchi yoghurt rice bowl.

Rather more impressive, is this user’s use of coffee filters and wooden clothing pegs to produce perfect poached eggs. Less messy than the silicone egg poachers I have on numerous occasions tried, and spectacularly failed, to use.

Now you have your poached egg, how about putting it into sandwich? It’s delicious but perilous, as the egg’s runny contents do their very best to escape and ruin whatever shirt or trousers you may be wearing. The answer? Sit naked while eating it in the bath? Thanks to another Twitter user, that too can be avoided by using a coffee filter wrap.


Of all the suggestions though, one stood out from the rest as being that most likely to be of use in a life or death situation. Imagine the scene: it’s Valentine’s Day, or your loved one’s birthday, and you have forgotten to buy flowers. Who among us hasn’t rushed out to an all-night convenience store, only to return clutching half-wilted flowers? It turns out all we needed to do was go as far as the kitchen cupboard where, with a little ingenuity, a beautiful posy could be crafted from some spare coffee filters.

Lastly, my own personal recommendation. While those who can afford to should throw out wine that has been corked, I can personally attest to the usefulness of coffee filters for straining bits of cork out of wine bottles where the cork has been destroyed by cack-handed corkscrew use.

There we go, thanks to the humble coffee filter life is that little bit easier. Of course, apparently they’re also sometimes used to make coffee, as shown in this example of perfect-cup wizardry!

Source: Naver Matome
Top image: ©RocketNews24