MOS Burger, the Japanese fast food chain famous for being a fresher, slightly healthier alternative to other hamburger joints, has recently announced that it will release a new hamburger sandwich to go alongside its existing range of plain and cheese “Tobikiri” hamburgers. The exciting twist? This one’s loaded with French demi-glace sauce and aligot, a sumptuous mix of potato and cheese that’s sure to send you to premium burger heaven.

Written with the characters 飛び切り, Tobikiri means “extraordinary” or “superb,” and implies that you can expect something that far exceeds all others. And with its use of ingredients like demi-glace sauce and aligot, you can be sure that’s precisely what you’ll get with this new sandwich.

While the ingredients are based on French cuisine, MOS Burger is also bringing a little of Japan’s best to the new burger by mixing top quality Hokkaido-sourced potatoes with rich mozzarella cheese and garlic for the aligot. The result is a light, fluffy topping that will tantalize your taste buds and create a real rustic flavor. If that wasn’t enough, the taste of the demi-glace is complemented perfectly by the inclusion of vegetables coated in a rich butter, with a dash of sherry and Madeira wine to bring out the flavors of the beef patty.

The Tobikiri Hamburger series first went on sale in 2008, and nearly nine million have been sold to date. The hamburger patties are made from a blend of 100-percent beef and pork, with nothing else added. The new burger is guaranteed satisfy all hamburger fans looking for a premium feel that delivers just that little bit extra, and will go on sale from September 3 for a limited time only, priced at 450 yen (about US$4.70).

If you’re thinking about visiting Japan in the next few months and you’d like to try a quality hamburger, why not pop into a MOS Burger near you and check it out yourself? This could very well be fast food at its best.

Source: Narinari
Photo: MOS Burger