Who doesn’t love a nice Sunday at the beach? It’s that one day of the week when we can all kick back and soak up some rays while listening to the relaxing sound of waves lapping against the shore.

At least some of us can while many other people still have to work on Sundays, including those in the Russian Navy who were doing a training exercise. However, it would appear this time they decided to make a detour and sneak their enormous hovercraft onto a locally popular beach on the Baltic Sea for some fun in the sun of their own.

The amphibious vessel’s touchdown on the sandy and crowded shore was captured on video on 18 August and uploaded to the internet a few days later. In it we can see scores of beachgoers standing in awe as the massive 60m (200ft) long vehicle gently glides onto the shore.

The Russian Ministry of Defense acknowledged that a Navy vessel had landed on the beach as a part of military exercises but was not expecting people to be there. They are currently looking to how the mistake was made.

Media outlets in the area are speculating that the crew of the hovercraft might have made a mistake and landed on the wrong beach. Japanese netizens, on the other hand, speculated that it was a actually Zeon attack force.

Other, saner, net users in Japan thought that “Russia has some cool stuff” but also wondered why the media was reporting this hovercrafts appearance as “unexpected”. Many pondered; “How could they not see that coming?”

Source: YouTube – Джейн Эир via Himasoku (Japanese)