On August 29, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle will become available on PlayStation 3. It’s a fighting game that features all of the major players from the immensely popular manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. How popular, you ask? This beat-‘em-up video game is currently the top-ranked game on Amazon, thanks to the huge numbers of pre-orders, it’s so highly anticipated. One might think that a game such as this doesn’t need any more hype, but those who know JoJo know that this particular franchise will stand for nothing less than extremes!

Starting on August 26, one of the trains on Tokyo’s looping central railway, the Yamanote Line, will be plastered both in and out with characters from JoJo’s new fighting game!

JoJo’s All-Star Battle Train will be making laps around the Yamanote Line from August 26 until September 9. During that time every train car, one through eight, will be filled with nothing but advertisements for JoJo. Every poster will promote the upcoming game, and every entertainment screen on board will keep the game’s trailer on loop. The outside of the train also will be wrapped with images of 33 characters from the series. It’s enough to make even your average JoJo fan drool in dreamy wonder.

In order to help eager fans catch the ride of their lives on the JoJo ASB Train, a special feature will become available on the train’s own webpage, starting the same day as the limited-time promotion. Aerosmith will track the train and report its location!

No, not that Aerosmith. Aerosmith is the name of one character’s unique fighting aura, which takes the form of a toy fighter plane. Basically, this bizarre little contraption from within the world of JoJo has the power to locate people and will use its abilities to track the train as it travels through the city in real-time. This way, fans can catch the JoJo train without having to rely on luck or patience to find it!

In addition, anyone wanting to share their JoJo-driven love and relay their own encounters with the JoJo ASB Train, Tweeting with the hashtag #ジョジョASBトレイン目撃 will cause their message appear on the Twitter feed featured on the train’s homepage. It’s the perfect place to share information and excitement with other fans.

Don’t be afraid of this “bizarre” game promotion. Let’s all jump on this speedwagon and ride it for a loop!

Reference: JoJo ABS Train (Japanese)

▼ Here’s a Photoshopped preview as to what the train will look like.


▼ Of the 33 characters, let’s take a look at some of our protagonists. First up is Johnathan Joestar!


▼ Jotaro Kujo comes from part 3 of the series.


▼ The fourth part’s protagonist is Josuke Higashikata.


▼ Part five features Giorno Giovanna.


▼ And the eighth installment follows a mysterious man also called Josuke Higashikata.


▼ Starting August 26, Aerosmith will constantly report on the JoJo ASB Train’s location


▼ And, if you Tweet #ジョジョASBトレイン目撃, your message will appear here!

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