Ever have trouble deciding whether you want to have a burger or pizza? Kyoto pizza parlor Pizza Little Party is hoping you choose to have both with their Megaburgerpizza. They’re also apparently tired of being called “little” as this beast weighs in at approximately 1.2kg (2.65lbs).

Different from the little granules of ground beef you usually get when you order hamburger on a pizza, the Megaburgerpizza is topped with full 400g patties of juicy grilled beef sandwiched between two 27cm (11”) pizza pies.

The Megaburgerpizza is also generously topped with Pizza Little Party’s original meat sauce and special cheese blend. There are all of your classic burger toppings as well like ketchup, onions, pickles, and mustard too.

The Megaburgerpizza will go on sale from 1 September to 22 November for 2,580 yen (US$26) which is pretty reasonable considering pizza prices in Japan. If you happen to be in the Kyoto area during that time, call up some friends and see if you can take on Megaburgerpizza.

Source: AtPress (Japanese)
Pizza Little Party: Website (Japanese)