Frankenstein’s monster of fried chicken is frighteningly tasty.

In Japan’s hyper competitive convenience store industry, it’s important for companies to carve out a niche for themselves. For example, if you want fried chicken, Lawson is the place to go.

Not only is Lawson the home of the always popular bite-sized Karaage-kun fried chicken (now available in jet-black Black Hole flavor), it also has larger pieces of fried chicken called L Chiki, and this week, the chain rolled out a new version, called L Chiki Pizza.

▼ L Chiki Pizza, in the center rack and almost completely sold out

Priced at 190 yen (US$1.70), the L Chiki Pizza, as its name implies, is a mix of the wonders of fried chicken and pizza. As we pulled our piece out of its paper sleeve, we detected the distinct and enticing scent of basil, a seasoning unique to this version of L Chiki.

While it looks like an ordinary piece of fried chicken from the outside, between the crisp breading and the chicken itself are layers of cheese and tomato sauce. So after we took a bite, we got a mix of juicy meat, creamy cheese, and tangy but sweet tomato sauce, plus basil, and were almost completely satisfied.

We say almost completely satisfied because though we felt the joy of essentially eating two comfort food at once, this rush of pleasure gave birth to even more desire, as we found ourselves now wanting a triple helping of happiness by adding a burger element to the experience. Luckily, Lawson also sells buns specially sized for L Chiki for 72 yen, and, since we predicted this would happen, we’d picked one up at the same time as our L Chiki Pizza.

Now the real feast could begin. And while some might say that our fried chicken pizza burger is wantonly decadent, we’d like to point out that having the sauce on the inside means we don’t have to slather the sandwich with ketchup or other condiments.

As such, the L Chiki Pizza burger is a mess-free meal, and if you start seeing it at all the high-society functions you attend, you’ll know where the chefs got the idea.

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