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In the topsy-turvy world we live in, where console manufacturers are reluctant even to let people bring their last-gen games to their newest hardware, a lot of gamers may be feeling fatigued, longing for the good old days when a pixelated blue hedgehog fighting a fat scientist with a weird fetish for forest creatures was the definition of a triple-A title.

One gamer, at least, was so fed up with the current gen console wars, he decided to ball up basically the entire history of gaming consoles into one sexy rig with 75 distinct controllers jutting out from it as if the cosmic protagonist of Katamari Damacy had rolled it through a vintage game store.


The rig runs on a special emulator program called the Multi Video Games System 2, which can switch on-the-fly between more or less any game console known to man. In fact, if there’s a console from gaming history missing from the system’s extensive archives, we’re not sure what it is.

Each of the 75 controllers have also been converted into a unified format, so that, technically, any controller can be used to play any system.

We’d love to give this thing a whirl, but we’re actually a little afraid the sheer awesomeness of this creation would compel us to continuously play, days on end, until we bled from our eyeballs and fell over dead.

It’s beaauuuuutifull!

Source: Hack a day