Now there’s a perfectly valid excuse for keeping a video game controller in your pocket.

For all the leaps and bounds we’ve seen in the gaming industry, nothing can compare to the heartwarmingly nostalgic charm of an old-school gaming console. For many gamers in Japan, it’s the red-and-white Nintendo Family Computer that conjures up happy childhood memories of sitting on tatami mat floors in the ’80s and staring excitedly at 8-bit pixels running across the old family television screen.


Now, 33 years after the Famicom’s initial 1983 release, the gamers who first fell in love with the gaming console might be a little bit older, but that doesn’t mean they can’t continue to fawn over the system, especially with Nintendo releasing a mini version of it, and a whole lot of other special cartridges and ways to play its games. Even if you’re out and about on business, there’s now a way to keep the old Famicom close to your heart, with the Nintendo Famicom Controller Business Card Case.


The gorgeous metal case, released by Japanese company Banpresto, will be available in two designs. One design includes the volume and mic features seen on the original second-player controller, while the other design is modelled on the first controller, with “select” and “start” buttons.


▼ Both designs are true to the original controllers from the Famicom.


Inside each case is a divider which separates your own business cards on the bottom from the ones received on top.


As gorgeous as the designs are, it looks like they’ll be hard to come by, with Banpresto announcing that the cases will be available as prizes in UFO catchers and similar arcade games at facilities around Japan from the end of November. For a list of arcades where the cases can be found, check out the Banpresto website.

Source: Net Lab
Featured image: Banpresto ©Nintendo Licensed by Nintendo
Insert images: Wikimedia Commons/Evan-Amos (1, 2)

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