We here at RocketNews24 have got some exciting news for any fans of Doraemon who wish to take their love of the blue character that one step further. It comes in the form of two rather unique masks that are guaranteed to transform the wearer into the spitting image of Doraemon.

“Gonoturn”, a company based in Japan, released the masks under the name “Doraemon gonoturn” on August 31. As you can see from the pictures below, each mask bares its own slightly different features!

Mask 1dor02

Mask 2dor1

To add a real sense of authenticity to the product, everything, from Doraemon’s red nose to the bell he wears, has been included in its full glory. Both masks come in a decorative plastic pouch which boasts an illustration that is coordinated with the design of the mask inside.

For anyone thinking about turning themselves into a real life Doraemon, why not give it a try! If you happen to be in Japan, the product can be bought directly from the “Vanquishnogoturn” shop, or via the net at “the CORNER” or the official gonoturn website. The retail price is 2,100 yen ($21 USD). If reading this has made you want to know more about the other styles of masks available from gonoturn, why not check out the pictures below!




Source: Nlab
Header image: gonoturn
Inset image: gonoturn