From hero to villain with just a few modifications.

Japan certainly has a love for character-shaped foods, if the popularity of kyaraben, the sheer number of themed cafes and restaurants, and the regular appearance of franchise-inspired foods and drinks in convenience stores and fast food shops are any indication.

The results are usually pretty cute (with the exception of the first wave of Mister Donut’s Pikachu donuts), so there’s really no reason not to eat them, except maybe that they’re too cute. But Japanese Twitter user and artist Renko (@Renko15115) realized that the cute Kirby-shaped sweets available at the convenience store Lawson could be manipulated into something terrifying.

▼ “Oh yeah, here’s a Kirby I bought at Lawson.”

In the picture on the left, the sweet, which looks like a manju bean cake of some sort, is in the spitting image of Kirby. It’s round and pink, with blushing cheeks, shining eyes, and a happy smile. It looks cheerful and friendly and perfectly huggable. In contrast, the terrifying figure on the right has sunken cheeks, dead eyes with horrible bags underneath, and a toothless, gaping mouth that looks ready to suck out your soul. 

Japanese netizens were both amused and terrified by Renko’s creation, which they generally likened to a Titan, from the popular anime Attack on Titan, like the one below:

The transformation was so popular that it got over 100,000 likes and retweets, with comments like:

“Careful! That’s not Kirby…it’s a Titan!”
“It’s so gross I laughed”
“This is terrible”
“The one next to it looks so happy it made me laugh!”
“This is what Kirby really looks like when it’s sucking in its opponents lol”

We don’t know what Renko ended up doing with this abomination after she made it. Perhaps she ate it, perhaps she threw it away; either way, it ought to have been destroyed for the terror it may induce upon the population.

In other, more cheerful news, if you are a Kirby fan, you might still be able to buy (the untainted form of) these Kirby sweets at Lawson, so pop into your nearest one and see if you can’t find them. Plus, there are currently Kirby monaka sweets available in department stores across Japan, which should be much safer to bring home!

Source: Twitter/@Renko15115 via Wadai no Gazou ga Wakaru Site
Featured image: Twitter/@Renko15115
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