How cool would it be to be able to change into a towering giant at will? How many Shingeki no Kyojin: Attack on Titan fans have been wishing they could turn into a massive Titan, just like the series’ main character, Eren Yeager? Well Cospa, the online anime apparel and merchandise site, is here to help you transform into the wall-crushing, man-eating beast of your dreams with the newest addition to their Titan cosplay lineup!

*Super-strength and speed sold separately.

Hitting the market in early December, Cospa is releasing a full-body Titan costume set; including a mask, top, and pants decorated to look like the Colossal Titan from the hit series!

This new ensemble comes in men’s medium and large sizes and costs 10,500 yen (about US$106) after sales tax. It’s a nice alternative to cosplay body paint and also doubles as a great set of pajamas to snuggle up in during winter. I’m sure your bedfellows will totally dig the skinless mask!

titan jammies▲ Careful of the nape of the neck! The zipper is its weak point!

Reserve your preorder now before this fashionable outerwear vanishes from the digital shelves right before your very eyes, just like the wall-destroyer himself!

Source: MyNavi News
Image: Cospa