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These past few days, the Internet has exploded with word of Italy’s new beer spread. For a land like Japan, where beer is more than just a popular choice of beverage and is more-or-less central to their lifestyle, the invention of spreadable beer is cause for great excitement. Soon, rather than have a handful of snacks with their mugs full of beer, they’ll be spreading blobs of beer over their favorite snacks!

Very recently Italian chocolate company, Napoleone, teamed up with the beer brewery, Birra Alta Quota, to create a spreadable beer product that resembles jelly. It’s called Birra Spalmabile and comes in two varieties: Omid Dark Ale and Greta Blond Ale. Both products contain 40 percent beer and come in a container resembling a jam jar. One might say that after the invention of wine jellies, this was the next logical step, though very long-awaited.

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Unfortunately, Birra Spalmabile can only be purchased online from a single store at present. The beer spread is available exclusively from Selfridges & Co, whose international shipping only extends to select countries across Eastern Europe. This is sad news for our little Asian island, which might find it difficult to import jars of beer jam. I guess that natto will have to remain as Japan’s favorite fermented breakfast food for the time being.

Oh who am I kidding, even with the invention of spreadable beer, Japan will never give up their fermented soy beans.

Source: Net Lab (Japanese)
Images: Marco L. on Facebook, Selfridges & Co.