Mt. Fuji jelly makes Japan’s most famous mountain a delight to look at and taste!

One of Japan’s most recognizable symbols is now a beautiful, elegant dessert.  

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Japanese food engineers have created a cabbage jelly that you can eat, if you want

No one asked for a product like this, but hey, now you can eat cabbage in jelly form!

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Sweet Japanese jelly treat offers a different scene with each slice from the same dessert

Entertain your guests with a bird that slowly unfurls its wings and flies towards the waxing moon.

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How to make awesome glow-in-the-dark jelly shots【RocketKitchen】

With just four quick steps and a very special ingredient, anyone can make this spectacular fluorescent jelly!

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We make a huge 12-litre chunk of jelly in a giant Starbucks mug to celebrate “Jelly Day” in Japan

Ever wondered what it would be like to shove your mouth into a three-gallon mound of glistening, wobbly jelly? We’ve got all the crazy photos after the break!

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Make Father’s Day sweet this year with these lovable treats from Ginza Cozy Corner!

If your dad’s fond of sweets, then Ginza Cozy Corner has a great way for you to celebrate Father’s Day this year!

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The Zenyaren restaurant in Otemachi offers water jelly for the summer … with chicken inside it!

In the mood for some cool, refreshing jelly to beat the summer heat? Well, that’s certainly what the clear, Jell-O-like item in the picture here looks like, right? But you won’t find this delicate-looking item in a cafe, or any regular restaurant for that matter, as a dessert.  From the same folks at Zenyaren who brought us “cool yakitori” last year, which were basically chilled chicken skewers in collagen blocks, we now have the “water jelly yakitori“, another visually interesting dish that involves grilled chicken encased in a transparent jelly!

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Playing with water: Japanese Twitter user shares how to create jiggly water jelly!

Remember those mizu shingen mochi water cakes that we got all excited about last summer? Well, a recent tweet showing how you can create something that at least looks very much like the fleeting, gone-in-30-minutes cakes offered by the Kinseiken shop in Yamanashi Prefecture has been making the rounds on the Japanese Twitterverse.

If you want to try having a bit of fun playing with water, all you apparently need, besides the water of course, is two ingredients you can get at a drug store!

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Edible H2O: we try quivering water jelly sourced from holy mountains

We thought we’d found Japan’s purest dessert last year, following our discovery of an amazing water cake from Yamanashi. Now it turns out there’s something even purer – jelly made with water from Dewa Sanzan, three holy mountains in Yamagata.

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Soft, squidgy and irresistible — these beautiful jelly soap balls have to be popped open to use

Who doesn’t love brightly colored and irresistibly soft objects that you can jiggle, poke and burst, right?  Well, once again, the lovely ladies at our Japanese sister site Pouch have found a delightful item to share with you, and this time, it’s something that’s not only fun to look at and touch, but cleansing as well — quite literally.

It’s the colorful Hiruan-dama soap ball that comes packaged in a small balloon which you have to burst to take out the soap, and the jelly-like texture is as hard to resist as the softness of a newborn baby’s cheek!

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Japan waits with baited breath for local distributor of spreadable beer

These past few days, the Internet has exploded with word of Italy’s new beer spread. For a land like Japan, where beer is more than just a popular choice of beverage and is more-or-less central to their lifestyle, the invention of spreadable beer is cause for great excitement. Soon, rather than have a handful of snacks with their mugs full of beer, they’ll be spreading blobs of beer over their favorite snacks!

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Love Shot: Too much fun for one mouth

Okay, we get it, marketing is hard. You need to create buzz, get people’s attention, deal with competing products, and carefully research your target market. And on top of all that, you have to have a product people actually want to buy. Like we said: it’s hard!

Or you could just post pictures of two women sucking on something phallic and call it a day. That would probably work, too.

The makers of Love Shot, an alcoholic jelly drink, decided to go with option two, as you can clearly see from our not-quite-safe-for-work picture above.

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