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In less than one week’s time, the doors of the Makurai Messe convention centre will be opened and Tokyo Game Show 2013 will begin. RocketNews24 will of course be heading along to play a few games on your behalf and bring you some of the most original and quirky news we can lay our eyes and ears on (we were warned about touching last year), and during a little research session this afternoon we stumbled upon none other than the official exhibitor map for Tokyo Game Show 2013, which was released earlier today.

Needless to say, the exhibitor list is positively enormous, with hundreds of booths filling eight halls (plus a separate area dedicated to indies and cosplay) with gaming goodness to be drooled over. Not only that, but Electronics Arts Japan has confirmed that forthcoming first-person shooter Battlefield 4 will also be playable on PlayStation 4 at the event.

Earlier today, the Tokyo Game Show exhibitor map was released via the event’s official website (click here to open as a PDF), listing every exhibitor and their exact location so that fans and camera-lugging journalists know exactly in which direct to stampede.

For your convenience, we’ve cut the giant map up into three sections, covering the entire convention centre. Behold, the grotto of gaming!

▼ Starting with Halls 1-3, visitors will first come face to face with EA’s latest offerings.

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 15.37.41

▼ Heading east towards Halls 4-6, Sony and Namco Bandai will be flaunting their wares, followed by Capcom and mobile gaming specialists GREEScreen Shot 2013-09-13 at 15.36.12

▼ Finally, Halls 7 and 8 will play host to an e-sports area as well as merchandise booths and the food court.Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 15.37.12

These maps are a little on the busy side so here’s a list of this year’s main exhibitors, working from Hall 1 to Hall 8:

– Electronic Arts

– Bushi Road

– Gungho Online Entertainment

– Sega

– Game Device Area (MadCatz, AVerMedia Technologies, Answer)

– Rocket Company

– Arc System Works

– Bethesda Softworks

– AMD Japan

– Square Enix

– Microsoft Japan

– Namco Bandai Games

– Sony Computer Entertainment

– GREE/Pokelabo

– Wargaming Japan

– Capcom

– Cyber Games Asia

as well as a ton of indies, small businesses, game schools and merchandise booths. Nintendo, as per its own traditions and quirks, will not be attending the show, just in case you were searching the list and wondering where they were.

Finally, Electronic Arts Japan also revealed today via its official official website that it will be giving Tokyo Game Show attendees the chance to play Battlefield 4 on PlayStation 4. The PS4 may not be making its way to these shores for some months yet, but the chance to play one of the first next-gen titles to be released for the platform has us very excited, not to mention the chance (as slim as it may be) that Sony will lift the lid on its rumoured virtual reality headset.

Six days to go, boys and girls. Six days to go!

Source: Hachima Kikou, EA Japan
Top image: Gematsu