Which Sony intellectual property do you want to chase around in the real world?

With Sony’s PlayStation Meeting Event happening in New York on September 7, and Tokyo Game Show a little over a week later, CEO Kaz Hirai is talking up Sony’s plans for the near future. While the rumored and leaked smaller version of the PS4 and the beefed up cousin PlayStation 4 Neo are already making news, the biggest surprise so far was talk about a shift in their mobile games strategy. Sorry, PS Vita owners, this isn’t about you, but Hirai recently talked about aggressively pursuing augmented reality (AR) games for the mobile market. If this sounds like Sony trying to capitalize on the Pokémon GO phenomenon, you’ve hit it right on the nose.

sony-3Flickr/Darren Mark Domirez

The higher-ups at Sony apparently really liked the way Pokémon GO was changing smart phone gaming (read “super popular”) and hope to use existing Sony properties to capture a share of the burgeoning game market. Does that mean we will soon see a God of War GO? Or a car scanning game for Gran Turismo GO? Re-capture the fear of fungus in Last of Us GO! Let’s face it, looking for hidden treasure in Uncharted GO is the game we all want to be playing. Maybe it will create a huge boom for the sport of rock climbing ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

▼ Treasure!


Most likely these games will come from Sony’s smartphone game studio ForwardWorks, who they’ve already tasked with creating games based on existing Sony titles. However, now with orders from the top, they will be looking to include an AR angle into them. Hopefully, what they come up with will be innovative rather than just trying to recapture the initial popularity of Pokémon GO.

Source: IGN via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Flickr/Eduardo Woo