Japanese fans can’t get enough of Shingeki no Kyojin: Attack on Titan. It wasn’t enough just to watch the anime and read the manga. Next they wanted to dress like a Titan and drink like a Titan. Now they’re taking it one step further so that they can even smell like a Titan! Preorders are now available for a new line of Attack on Titan aroma frangrances!

That’s right, the online store Koubutsu-ya will be stocking their shelves with eau de Kyojin in late October. Patrons have their choice of Eren, Mikasa, and Levi-scented fragrances, each painstakingly tailored to fit the characters’ personality.

▼ Eren Yeager, the scent of danger


With a top note of citrus with a hint of ginger and nutmeg, Eren’s unique smell is invigoratingly exotic. The fragrance finishes off with a last note of woody musk, a nod to his more savage Titan persona.

▼ Mikasa Ackerman, a delicately fierce aroma


Mikasa’s scent starts out tart and tasty, with hints of currant and raspberry. The floral middle note is intended to show some of the beautiful femininity at the core of this tenaciously strong character. In the last note are hints of musk overlaid with a sweetness that depicts the dichotomy of a quiet warrior.

▼ Squad Leader Levi, stringently clean and refreshing


And finally, the ever popular Levi also gets his own fragrance that addresses the fastidious originality of his character. To show his fondness for cleanliness, Levi’s scent begins with a whiff of fresh soap. The middle note consists of the flowers rose, lotus, and iris, also commonly used scents for air freshening products. The scent finishes with the calming aroma of cedar and musk, simultaneously masculine and sedate in nature.

Each type of perfume is sold in a 30ml vial embossed with the character name and Scouting Legion emblem for 5,775 yen a bottle (US$58). Interested parties can order via the Koubutsu-ya online shop or the Japan’s Yahoo! Shopping site.

Source: NetLab
Top image: We Heart It, Inset, featured images: Koubutsu-ya