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Currently, the new arrivals section of the Evangelion Store, an online shop filled all our favorite robot-driving, angel-fighting merchandise, lists a very special lingerie set based directly off of a camisole worn by Asuka in the second new Evangelion movie. Unfortunately for fans of the second child, the item is already sold out and in need of restocking. We’ll try to pretend that’s not creepy, considering the character is only 14…

The Evangelion Asuka Camisole and Shorts Set comes with three pieces. The camisole perfectly matches the piece that Asuka wears in the second installment of the new Evangelion movie series. The camisole is white and loose-fitting around the hips, with red detailing over the straps and around the bust and a big, red bow in the middle of the chest. The panties (the site refers to them as shorts, but by the picture, I beg to differ) are striped with red and white and are also adorned with a big, red bow at the small of the back. The set also includes a red NERV-themed pouch, big enough to fit small items, such as a cell phone.

The set is on sale through the Evangelion Store for 5,145 yen (US$52). However, it only comes in size medium (Bust: 79-87 cm, Hip: 87-95 cm). Whether this is a testament to Asuka’s actual size or some less meaningful design limitation is unstated.

Unfortunately, the immense popularity of Asuka and her panties has completely depleted the store’s stock of camisole sets. Fans hoping to order their own set of Asuka’s official underwear will want to register their email address on the item’s store page to receive notification as soon as the set comes back in stock.

Source: Evangelion Store via Net Lab (Japanese)

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