Why is Asuka standing next to Colonel Sanders? Because it’s Thursday of course!

Two legends at what they do, just hanging out.

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Voice actress warns “idiots” to not take bathroom breaks while streaming final Evangelion film

Ordinarily our feelings would be hurt, but the language feels entirely appropriate when it’s coming from the voice of this character.

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Free official Evangelion coloring book-style art released, fans share new looks for Asuka

What would Asuka look like if she jumped ship from Evangelion to Gundam or Demon Slayer?

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New Evangelion figure has eyes that follow you, very form-fitting plugsuit【Photos】

If you’ve got your eyes on Asuka, she’s got her eyes on you too.

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Limited edition Evangelion Asuka Telecasters on sale this June

Get in the damn groove, Shinji!

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Using Japan’s ancient recipe for homemade instant rice that lasts at least two years, possibly 20

A recipe two years in the making.

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“Draw Asuka!” — A.I.-created doodles are adorable, but aren’t quite there yet…

Illustrators don’t need to worry about robots stealing their jobs — yet.

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Brilliant dad fulfills his daughter’s dreams…and then!?!?!

Every child dreams about becoming their heroes when they fall asleep, they cover their walls with pictures and posters, and day dream about the day they build a suit of armor that turns them into a super hero. Well now one Japanese girl can become her hero before she even closes her eyes thanks to her creative dad. However, her own father takes it one step further with some arguably weird results…

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Asuka’s official underwear sells out quickly on Evangelion’s online store

Currently, the new arrivals section of the Evangelion Store, an online shop filled all our favorite robot-driving, angel-fighting merchandise, lists a very special lingerie set based directly off of a camisole worn by Asuka in the second new Evangelion movie. Unfortunately for fans of the second child, the item is already sold out and in need of restocking. We’ll try to pretend that’s not creepy, considering the character is only 14… Read More

Places you simply must visit: Nara edition

Often overlooked in favor of Kyoto, Nara Prefecture is one of the most beautiful and significant places—culturally and historically—in Japan. If you happen to be traveling in the Kansai region, we cannot urge you enough to make the time to swing by!

In fact, there’s so much to see that we can’t possibly tell you about every amazing place in Nara, but here are a few of our favorites!

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