Boredom on the road can lead to serious accidents as drivers become less alert or more reckless driving down straight and well lit roads. So perhaps there is some merit in the idea that more dangerous road conditions can lead to safer and more attentive driving.

Take this bridge which connects Japan’s Highway 194 with Highway 299 over the Niyodo River in Kochi Prefecture. Lacking any barriers or guard rails drivers must keep a steady wheel when crossing the Nagoya Low Water Bridge (no relation to the prefecture).

When the above photos was tweeted and spread around the internet. Viewers instantly identified it with the frustratingly fun Rainbow Road level of Super Mario Kart fame. Unfortunately, there is no Lakitu here to fish you out of the river should you career off the edge trying to dodge a red shell.

This bridge is actually a low water crossing which is a type of bridge designed to be submerged when the water level rises. The Nagoya Low Water Bridge, however, seems higher that most crossings of it’s kind such as this one in Wales.

Image: Roger Kidd – Geograph

Here is a video showing what it’s like to traverse the Rainbow… I mean Nagoya Low Water Bridge.

What’s troubling about this video is that when we see the car reach the other side it becomes apparent that this bridge accommodates two-way traffic. Sure it’s a rural area bridge that probably sees little activity most days, but just imagine that one hideously unlucky time on a foggy day when two cars come face to face in the middle and have to back out.

If you’d like to visit the Nagoya Low Water Bridge then consult the handy map below. Also, make sure you have a a feather or star on hand – not a banana peel. They suck.

Source: My Game News Flash (Japanese)
Inset Image: Twitter
Video: YouTube – kokudou276