Seiji attempts to moonwalk his way out of the curse of Oshimabashi【Haunted Japan】

A legendary curse versus a legendary dance move.

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Man jumps off bridge in Osaka to celebrate Heisei era’s end, hits something other than water【Vid】

”Heisei, thank you…” SPLAT.

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Mr. Sato tries a unique method to compellingly call in sick to work【Video】

Some people bend over backwards at work. Others bend over backwards to get out of work.

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Swarms of insects cause chaos on bridge in Japan

Incredible photos show an extraordinary number of insects wreaked havoc on drivers, closing a bridge and causing accidents on the weekend.

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A passenger plane carrying 58 people has crashed into a river near in the Taiwanese capital, Taipei, just minutes after taking off, narrowly avoiding smashing into an elevated highway as it went down. Footage of the incident, which resembles a scene from a Hollywood action film, was caught on drivers’ dashboard-mounted cameras and has been shared online.

We should warn you that some readers may find the following footage unsettling.

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Expert mode “Rainbow Road” bridge found in Japan

Boredom on the road can lead to serious accidents as drivers become less alert or more reckless driving down straight and well lit roads. So perhaps there is some merit in the idea that more dangerous road conditions can lead to safer and more attentive driving.

Take this bridge which connects Japan’s Highway 194 with Highway 299 over the Niyodo River in Kochi Prefecture. Lacking any barriers or guard rails drivers must keep a steady wheel when crossing the Nagoya Low Water Bridge (no relation to the prefecture).

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China to Complete World’s First All-Glass Suspension Bridge in 2013

You may not know Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Provence by name but you’ve likely seen their beautiful pillar mountains of Wulingyuan on one of the countless movies and TV shows they appeared in.  Those sheer, bare-faced red stone cliffs topped with lush vegetation look like something from a fantasy story.

Coming next year, China has plans to accentuate this beauty with a record setting feat of engineering, the world’s first suspension bridge made entirely of glass.

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Heavily Damaged Bridge on the Verge of Total Collapse, Residents Use Daily

This bridge located in Xi’an, China connects the villages of Huang and Xuejia.  Completed in 1983, it proved to be an essential tool for the economic well-being of each village by facilitating local trade.

However, water erosion caused two major collapses in 2008 and 2010 left it in the state you see now.  So far, attempts by local officials to repair the bridge have been unsuccessful, leaving residents with little choice but to roll the dice and tread carefully across the thin strip of concrete still spanning the river.

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