We’ve already elaborated on how much food-themed characters freak us out, but until now we thought we were pretty much fine with food based on characters. When we saw this photo of a Rilakkuma birthday cake being served at a Japanese restaurant, we found ourselves suddenly overwhelmed with melancholy, plus a touch of revulsion.

His name may be a mix of “relax” and “bear” (“kuma“), but we can’t help detecting a hint of sadness in Rilakkuma’s eyes here. Look at him; he just sits there on the plate, as though he just moments ago accepted his fate of being dismembered bit by bit with a fork and knife. Perhaps he is looking back fondly at his past life of chilling out in a girl’s room, eating pudding and looking at flowers, hoping that we’ll just finish it quick with a single, final stab to his cute button chest.

It’s enough to make us weep. Oh, sure, we’ll eat it. But we’ll be weeping.

▼ Goodnight, sweet Prince.


Source: Nikiita Sokuhou
Inset Photo: Wikimedia Commons