Euglena is a microorganism, in some ways similar to algae. However, it is truly unique in that it exhibits feeding habits of both animals and plants. Such a fascinating biological specimen has left us all wondering: What does it taste like?

To answer that, convenience stores all over Japan have begun selling Euglena Yogurt from 15 October. Our brave reporter Usagi went to try some out.

The organisms in Euglena Yogurt were harvested in Ishigaki, Okinawa and processed into a powdered form before being added. Euglena (called midorimushi in Japanese) is believed to have beautifying effects and has been previously sold in supplements.

Euglena is said to be rich in 59 different kinds of amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. The yogurt is also said to contain ingredients that prevent the absorption of excess fat, making it the beauty food of choice for people with waning metabolisms, all for the price of 128 yen (US$1.30).

After buying some cups of Euglena Yogurt, Usagi was hesitant. Having seen some pictures of euglena, she didn’t expect it to taste very good. The package also said that the yogurt contained aloe pulp. Since aloe is used to ease stomach discomfort, her expectations sank further.

However, after taking her first bite, she was sold. The yogurt had the sweet and sour taste of muscat. Despite the pale green color of microorganisms it had a tangy tropical flavor accented by the texture of the aloe.

So we discovered that euglena tastes great. At least it tastes great when masked by yogurt and grape flavoring, and it’s possibly good for our health and complexion. If you want to try some for yourself you can probably see it at the nearest convenience store anywhere in Japan (except Okinawa).

Source: Itochu (Japanese)
Original Article by Usagi Yumeno
Euglena Imgae: Wikipedia – Rogelio Moreno

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