How to make yoghurt ramen with instant noodles

Top Japanese ramen brand shares a simple recipe that’s delicious and perfect for summer. 

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New tomato yoghurt divides opinions in Japan

Aimed to please tomato lovers, but what about yoghurt lovers?

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Yoghurt Sake is the newest Japanese KitKat we need to get our hands on right now

There’s a brand new alcoholic KitKat to add to our souvenir wishlist.

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Delicious AND guilt free – the launch of Apollo yoghurt

Meiji’s new venture into the treat universe is surprisingly low in calories!

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We try the new lemon yoghurt amazake cheese fermentation Frappuccino from Starbucks Japan

Fill your belly with the power of lactobacillus and the health benefits from a traditional Japanese fermented rice drink.

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Starbucks adds new fermented Frappuccino to their menu in Japan

Starbucks’ first Frappuccino to combine Western and Japanese fermented ingredients.

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New Danone yoghurts contain Japanese matcha, hojicha and persimmon, wrapped in special packaging

Exclusive “Wa Selection” range pays homage to some of Japan’s most beloved traditional flavours.

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Starbucks adds new summertime Frappuccino to their menu in Japan

This year, customers can enjoy a citrus ingredient not often found on the Japanese mainland in Starbucks’ signature beverage.

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McDonald’s adds yoghurt granola smoothies to its summer menu in Japan

The new lineup of drinks is perfect for a hot summer’s day.

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Nestle Japan releases new yoghurt Kit Kat to raise funds for typhoon-affected regions

The new release is a great example of how big companies can support local businesses in the wake of a disaster.

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Japanese Internet users show off their myriad coffee filter-based life hacks

Coffee filters, is there nothing they can’t do? Yes, but still.

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Häagen-Dazs Japan’s new ice cream flavor will taste like yogurt and honey!

Häagen-Dazs Japan has announced another tantalizing new flavor, and we’re already wondering what the combination of dairy and honey will taste like!

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Sakura yoghurt from Danone Japan is filled with real cherry blossom leaves

The taste of sakura can now be found in dairy sections across the country.

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Make your tummy happy, eat a kimchi yogurt rice bowl today

In the boring and often mildly terrifying world of being a competent adult, there comes a time when you have to start eating healthily or face the horrible consequences. Junk food somehow seems less appealing when you have to factor in the inevitable side effects such as bloating, stomach cramps, and bad skin.

So we’re always looking for new things to eat that have added beauty benefits, and recently a secret super recipe has come to our attention which involves adding a dollop of yogurt and kimchi to our rice bowls.

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Yogurt-flavored water?!? We try Suntory’s new beverage straight, mix it with booze 【Taste test】

Recently, it seems like Japanese beverage makers are all about helping us with our multitasking. First there was the sakura beer that let you enjoy a cold one and contemplate the cherry blossoms at the same time, and earlier this week it was time for a taste test of alcoholic matcha green tea.

Now, it’s time for another double-dose of drinkables, with Suntory’s just-released bottled water with the flavor of…yogurt?!?

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Hay fever got you down? Cheer up, you get to eat some yogurt with orange peels!

Ah, spring: that season which is supposed to be a pleasantly warm and sunny break from the bitter cold instead makes millions of allergy sufferers feel like they have invisible daddy longlegs of fire crawling across their faces 24/7.

From masks to medicine, there are plenty of products on the market to combat the symptoms and reduce exposure to the evil, evil pollen, but they all encumber your freedoms by blocking your vision or clouding your mind. However, a new, all-natural method of subduing allergic reactions was presented at a meeting of the Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology and Agrochemistry, and best of all it uses easy to find ingredients: Yogurt and mikan (tangerine) peels.

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We try yogurt which contains euglena… yeah, we had to look it up too

Euglena is a microorganism, in some ways similar to algae. However, it is truly unique in that it exhibits feeding habits of both animals and plants. Such a fascinating biological specimen has left us all wondering: What does it taste like?

To answer that, convenience stores all over Japan have begun selling Euglena Yogurt from 15 October. Our brave reporter Usagi went to try some out.

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Just in time for fall: Hot yogurt you can chug

Japanese seem to love giving their drinks an unexpected twist. They’ve tried hot ginger ale, orange juice that looks like soy sauce, and a milk drink with tomato and lemon flavoring. Compared to those wacky creations, Yakult’s popular probiotic dairy drinks seem positively pedestrian, but now they’ve upped their game.

Care for a hot, potable yogurt, anyone?

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