Living Wallet4We understand it’s hard to save money. With so many cool Gundam theme cakes and Sailor Moon accessories around, who wouldn’t be trying to empty their coin purses and pocketbooks to exchange their hard earned cash for awesome novelty goods. Sometimes, our spending gets a little out of control and we have to save a little, employing various tactics to try and see an increase in the bank account.

But what if your wallet started inching away, undulating like some sort of deranged caterpillar in hopes you forgo your next splurge. And what if you ignored the weirdness of the movement, picked up said wallet, and it started screaming at you? No, we’re not making this up. One company in Japan hopes to curb your spending with a “living wallet.”

The Living Wallet is half-billfold, half-robo pet, and all kinds of weird. It works with an app on your mobile device to keep track of your spending habits. Setting the app to “Save Mode” turns your wallet into a moving creature that slowly slinks away when you extend your hand towards it. The Living Wallet even turns to avoid your grasp, making sure you stay away from those credit cards.

Living Wallet3

If you do manage to get ahold of the little bugger, it calls out for help, sounding more like a helpless citizen being mugged than a pocketbook (which should normally be silent anyway).

Living Wallet2

If those pitiful cries of “No, don’t touch me!” and “Help me!” don’t deter you, the wallet employs its third and final money saving tactic: it calls your mother.

living wallet5

On the other hand, when the Living Wallet is set to “Consume Mode,” Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, 4th Movement rings out from the wallet while it calls out the top ranking products from Amazon Japan…

Living Wallet

We couldn’t make this stuff up, people! The Living Wallet was nominated for the Yahoo! Japan Internet Creative Award 2013, so at least a few people are intrigued by the idea of a moving, screaming, Beethoven-playing cash receptacle.

▼ See the Living Wallet in action here (in English).

▼ Or watch it in Japanese here.

Source: IT Media
Images: Living Wallet