Some of the lesser-known joys of Japan are the occasional anime/video game and cake collaborations. Sure, taking your favorite hobby and injecting it with some cake is a no-brainer, but these limited offers always bring some very unique collectables with them. Monster Hunter fans who pre-ordered their Rathalos cakes should be getting them next month.

Now we present to you the Char Zaku Cake Set. It’s a cake in the shape of Char Aznable’s custom MS-06S Zaku II Commander Type served on Char’s custom cake dish and fork.

The top dome of the Zaku II head is strawberry sponge cake with a chocolate mousse filling. The squad leader fin on top of the head and the single eye are crafted from sugar. Its power pipe is made from a strawberry and rice flour purée mixed with pure chocolate.

Pretty Gundam good stuff, but any fan of the series would be more interested in the crimson and gold Char Aznable custom plate. Finally, to truly enjoy your cake like an upper-class member of the Principality of Zeon you are presented with a gold-plated custom cake fork, also bearing the emblem of Char Aznable.

Preorders for the Char Zaku Cake Set have started from 16 October from Gundam Café Online via shopping site Premium Bandai. It certainly is premium at a price of 4,800 yen (US$49), but for the hardcore Gundam fan it’s an offer that’s hard to pass up.

Source: Premium Bandai via IT Media (Japanese)