SF chicks07

Imagine if the characters from Street Fighter, Capcom’s classic fighting game, were born as members of the opposite sex, with the same amount of physical strength and fighting spirit but a decidedly different physiques. Thanks to a fan-made short movie by Really Clever Androids, we don’t have to wonder what to expect from a world like that. This awesome three-minute clip gives us a pretty good idea of the conflict and copious cleavage we might encounter. Let’s just say that these genderswapped Street Fighter folks really know how to bring it!

The clip begins with a (supposedly) girls-only picnic between what used to be the boys of Street Fighter. The girls eat and gossip in an open field until an unwelcome guest decides to cause a bit of drama by dropping in on their private party. Inevitably, a fight breaks out and it takes Ryu-chan’s shoryuken to finish off the bald beeyotch.

Let’s take a look at the highlights!

▼ Guile-chan seems to be having some boy troubles.

SF chicks01

▼ Ken-chan and the others can totally relate.

SF chicks02

▼ And who’s this?

SF chicks03

▼ Sagat-chan doesn’t like being left out.

SF chicks04

▼ She starts a series of cat fights and picks off the members of our pretty party one-by-one.

SF chicks05

▼ Chun-kun? Why are you here? This was supposed to be girls only!

SF chicks06

▼ At last, Ryu-chan takes her down! And if you thought that was a butt-whoopin’, you should see them when they’re PMSing!

SF chicks07

▼ To see the full video, including outtakes, you can watch it either here or on YouTube!

Source: Net Lab (Japanese)
Images: A Street Fighter Picnic