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The fighting game community is pretty psyched about Street Fighter V. Even though the title isn’t scheduled for release until early next year, developer Capcom has been regularly updating gamers with a series of preview videos highlighting its cast. So far, there’s been a dearth of new characters, but long-time fans of the series have been happy to see the challengers they know and love rendered in the game’s updated art style.

Well, most of them have been happy. A vocal group of dissenters, though, are the disgruntled gamers who’ve been grumbling that Cammy, Street Fighter’s pigtailed pugilist from the U.K., doesn’t have a particularly attractive face in her reveal video (one displeased commenter even went to far as to call the character “shockingly ugly”). But now new images of Cammy have been released, and it looks like she may have gotten a face-lift months ahead of the game’s actual release.

When you get to the fifth installment of a series, gamers have a pretty solid idea of what to expect in terms of gameplay and overall quality. That goes double for Street Fighter V, since thanks to the franchise’s prodigious number of semi-sequels and spinoffs, it’s been preceded by over a dozen other Street Fighter games.

Since preexisting fans of the series are already confident they’ll enjoy Street Fighter V, many of them are looking to preorder the game. Capcom recently announced that depending on where North American customers place their order, they can get one of four alternate costumes.

Preorder from Gamestop, and leading man Ryu decides he has no more need for a shirt or razor.

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Amazon customers get a new set of black duds for M. Bison, or Vega, as he’s known in Japan.

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▼ Still no pupils for the dictator, though

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Cammy’s alternate costume, which will be given to those who preorder through Best Buy, gives the English martial artist gear such as goggles, a belt, and a backpack, plus long sleeves. But while those are all decorative add-ons to the model, many people also feel like the character’s face has been redesigned as well.

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▼ Cammy’s appearance in her Best Buy preorder outfit (left) and original Street Fighter V reveal video (right)

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Capcom hasn’t officially said that its designers remolded the character’s face, but Cammy’s eyes certainly look rounder, and her cheeks fuller, in the newer images. Since the preorder bonuses are supposed to be costumes (i.e. additional polygons tacked onto the character’s frame, whether clothing or other items like Ryu’s beard), it stands to reason that Capcom wouldn’t just redo Cammy’s face in her Best Buy costume, but that any changes to her face would carry over into how she looks in her other outfits as well.

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We may have to wait until newer still images or videos of Cammy surface which match the costume and poses of her reveal video to be completely sure whether or not Capcom took complaints about her harder facial features to heart. In the meantime, though, fans of Street Fighter’s Chun-Li can rest easy that even in her special PlayStation Store dress, she still has massively muscled thighs.

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Source: Capcom via Jin
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