We’ve all got bizarre excuses for cheating on a diet. You know, like how donut holes don’t count because they technically don’t exist? And we all know ice cream is mostly air anyway. Now, men, at least, are going to have to add a new ludicrous excuse: “Certainly calories don’t count if you eat them in midair.”

The Asian airline Garuda International is rolling out a new double carb in-flight meal for guys. The meal has been given the clunky title, “In-flight Full Power Charge ★ Men’s Meal Garuda: Naniwa Special Lunch Fried Rice, Yakisoba, Fried Chicken.” Just asking for it out loud feels like you’re chewing on something. We’re also not sure how the star symbol is pronounced.

▼ It’s pronounced, “FABULOUUUUUS!”


Garuda says the whole idea behind the I-FFPC★MMG:NSLFRYFC is to offer a satisfying, high-volume meal for men onboard; because we all know that bored men immediately turn to stuffing their faces to pass the time.

The in-flight meal that shall-not-be-named-lest-it-give-us-carpal-tunnel-syndrome will be available on GA889 and GA883 flights leaving from Kansai Airport bound for Jakarta and Denpasar, Bali.

Source and title photo: Entabe
Inset: Wikimedia Commons