Do you have an important date or job interview coming up? Why not seal the deal by flashing your handmade Mega Man wallet so everyone knows you’re playing with power? And if you don’t have a Mega Man wallet, then Sova Leatherworks can make one for you!

Steph M. is the artistic talent behind Sova Leatherworks in Tacoma, USA. Although she sells a wide range of patterns on her wallets, it’s her self-confessed geekiness which led to the series of handcrafted wallet designs based on video games and movies that have been attracting attention in Japan.

Some were her own creations and others were made on request. These designs were all made by a process called leather tooling wherein leather is dampened before the design is permanently carved and pressed in. Here are a few of the video game based wallets she’s made in the past.

▼ A Heartless logo from Kingdom Hearts

▼ The crest of Hyrule and a few rupees for your trouble

▼ The Renegade and Paragon symbols from Mass Effect

▼ The Assassin’s Creed symbol

▼ You can get your name imprinted in Unitology lettering from Dead Space

▼ The Blood Angels logo and the Imperial Aquila from Warhammer 40,000

▼ And an 8-bit Mega Man firing a beam across the entire wallet

▼ And Master Chief from Halo

▼ Bioshock

Some netizens in Japan complained about the dark tint to the Mega Man design, but it was made that way specifically at the customers request who wanted it to have an antique look. For those who aren’t as into video games there are also several movie-inspired designs. Here are a couple based on Ghibli movies:

▼ And some Star Wars symbols

▼ Any Attack on Titan fans?

▼ How about Doctor Who?

▼ For more literary types there are also some Lovecraftian symbols

Sova Leatherworks accepts commissions if they’re doable in the medium of leather. However, she is all booked up with requests at the moment and isn’t accepting new ones until she gets time again. Prices can run from US$85 to $150 depending on the design and type of wallet.

There are many more patterns that can be seen on Sova Leatherworks’ website and Facebook page along with a whole lot of other functional works of leather art. This Christmas, why not give that special someone a Necronomicon wallet?

Source: Inside via My Game News Flash (Japanese)
Sova Leatherworks: Official Site, facebook, Etsy (English)