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Who doesn’t love a good mashup? We’ve seen some great ones before: Pokémon turned into Godzilla monsters, Doraemon turned into Dragon Ball, even Crayon Shin-chan turned into Attack on Titan.

But when it comes to sheer quantity of mashups, the clear winner is MOUNTAIN GRAPHICS, a company that sells t-shirts and other goods with cute and cool designs on them. They have over 900 pictures on their Twitter and Instagram account of mashed-up characters from video games, anime, and more.

Ever wanted to see Mario and PaRappa the Rapper fused together? Or Bomberman and Hello Kitty? Hoe about Bowser and Cthulhu? Well today’s your lucky day!

Here’s just a small selection of some of the mashups done by MOUNTAIN GRAPHICS. If you can get through them all without a smile creeping onto your lips at least once, then you may want to have someone check you for signs of life.

▼ Seems Mario left plumbing for the more lucrative rapping business.

▼ And Bowser went ahead and summoned the Elder God of nightmare fuel.

▼ Ahh, that’s better. Does widdle Bowsy-Man want to eat some ghostie-wosties?

▼ Marshmallow-flavored mushrooms? Well, as long as Mario didn’t step on it, I guess.

▼ It’s a Beavis Mario and a Butthead Mario!

▼ Two troublemaker soul-mates finally together at last.

▼ The next logical step in Hello Kitty’s plans for world domination.

▼ Gives a whole new meaning to Guile’s “sonic boom!”

▼ M. Bison (or Vega, depending on who you ask): The cutest l’il electrified dictator there ever was.

▼ Kirby and Andross do both have an obsession with sucking things up.

▼ I hope you’re happy Goku-gi-oh, you just made at least two generations of boys all wet themselves with joy.

▼ What would we call this fusion of Buu and Guu? Bguu? Gbuu? Either way, there’s not going to be much of the planet left after it has eaten its fill.

▼ Doing Kamehameha waves is a lot easier when you just have to charge your blaster.

▼ Or you can just charge up the Rilakkuma way by taking a nap.

▼ Krang! That’s where you’ve been all these years: hiding inside Doraemon. It all makes sense now.

▼ Shizuka Langley is dumping lame-old Nobita to go kick ass in an Evangelion.

▼ Well, it seems Nobita found a new friend anyway.

If Jibanyan and Pikachu can get along, then there’s hope for the rest of us.

▼ Yep, scratch what I said about Bowser being the nightmare fuel. Piranha Plant Venusaur will be destroying my dreams for the next forever.

▼ Blastoise Koopa – weak to Foot-Type mustache men.

▼ Ash-Ness and Saturn-chu ready to save the world from the evil Team Giygas.

▼ Snoop Gogg – the most destructive rapper in the Gundam universe.

▼ Game Bo-wie. Nothing more needs to be said.


If you liked any of the above, then good news! There are over 800 more for you to see at MOUNTAIN GRAPHICS’s Twitter and Instagram pages. Some of them are more obscure characters, and some of them are Japanese celebrities who are not really known overseas, but they’re all super high quality and look amazing. If you can guess over half of them correct, then consider yourself a pop culture god.

Source: Nenza
Featured/top image: Instagram (Edited by RocketNews24)