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Forget Pac-Man fever, it’s time for Pac-Man fashion!

Pac-Man is going to be celebrating his 36th birthday this year, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a video game star with a longer career than the iconic character created by developer Namco. But while three and a half decades may make you a veteran in the electronic entertainment industry, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the 434-year history of traditional craft company Inden-ya.

Based in Yamanashi Prefecture, Inden-ya, which has caught our eyes before, is especially lauded for its unique deerskin leatherworking techniques, in which lustrous decorative lacquer is added to the hide. As a belated 35th birthday present to Pac-Man, Inden-ya has produced a line of understated yet chic leather wallets and pouches that celebrate video gaming’s first genuine hero, and also his spectral antagonists.

Each of the six items is available in three different color schemes: white lacquer on navy leather, red on black, or black on black. The flagship of the line is the long wallet, priced at 21,500 yen (US$179).

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If you’re not looking to spend quite that much money, and don’t mind creasing your leftover bills, the folding wallet is more affordable at 16,500 yen.

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Not just satisfied with just playing Pac-Man? Then put him to work for you with a business card holder (6,500 yen).

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And if you’ve got places to go and ghosts to eat, these commuter pass cases will help you keep moving (4,500 yen).

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Or, if you’re the pay-as-you-go type, you can keep the coins you need for train fare in these zippered pouches (2,500 yen).

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And finally, while those may look like Power Pellets on the end of the straps, they’re actually little pads of red ink, complete with cover, to use when whipping out your personal seal from the attached leather case for it (2,500 yen).

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The entire line can be ordered here through Pac-Man publisher Bandai Namco’s LaLaBit Market online store, with delivery scheduled for early February.

Source: IT Media
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