Have you ever wondered how militaries transport their massive weapons and ordinances across countries or even continents? We always just pictured gigantic airplanes like in Operation Dumbo Drop, but apparently not. It turns that they just get trucks, latch the weapon on, and take off down the highway! Simple, if not just a little disappointing.

But for one Chinese army truck driver lugging an enormous gun, that operation turned out not to be quite so simple after all…

YouTube user China Lian uploaded the below video, which shows a procession of Chinese military trucks towing equipment down a public highway. The not-so-simple part is when you notice that the lead truck–pulling what can only be described as a massive cannon–seems to be having some difficulty keeping its haul under control, the gun bouncing along like some cartoon weapon made out of rubber.

Fortunately, it doesn’t look like anyone got hurt–but the image of giant, death-spewing artillery bouncing down the highway like a three-year-old after a lunch of soda and ice cream is just too hilarious not to share!

The video’s title is “Chinese Army truck transporting a cannon is dangerous.” We couldn’t agree more!

Source and Images: TOYCHAN