Japanese netizens vote on which of nation’s prefectures would make the best weapons in battle

Which prefectures have the deadliest curves? Time to find out!

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Nunchaku-enthusiast rights victory as 48-year-old chiropractor acquitted of possession charges

Now everyone in Japan is free to exercise their inalienable right to hit themselves in the head – openly and without fear of prosecution.

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Pokémon GO turns into Pokémon GO TO WAR in super-intense, high-quality fan video 【Video】

Pikachu used a Gatling gun… it’s super effective!

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Cafe in Hong Kong offers drinks and tasty eats alongside medieval armor and swords

It’s the perfect place to fill your belly and get your fill of awesome weaponry.

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Oddly-satisfying video shows katana warping and bending in water as it is forged

Forging a katana is extremely labor intensive, but it all comes together with a swift dunk in water to cool.

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Long train is looooooooooong: US military freight train is wowing Japanese commenters 【Video】

♪This is the train that doesn’t end, yes it goes on and on and on and on…

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This realistic, incredibly detailed recreation of Voltron’s Flaming Sword is simply amazing!

Over at YouTube channel AWE me, the men and women at Man at Arms recreate a realistic replica of Voltron’s Flaming Sword, because, uh… Why wouldn’t you?

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Believe it! Now you too can become a ninja at the Ninja Academy in Nara Prefecture

There’s no sexy-no-jutsu training here.

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Say Hello (Kitty) to my little friend — Sanrio’s famous mascot as a custom assault rifle

Although most online first-person shooters these days allow players to customize their avatar to an extent, with only limited options it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd on the battlefield. You might spot someone with the occasional paid-DLC hat or weapon, but nothing we’ve seen comes anywhere close to the awesomeness of this Hello Kitty-inspired assault rifle.

But just who exactly is the genius behind this masterpiece? You might be surprised to find out they have closer connections to the gaming industry than you might have first expected.

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Forget shuriken: 10 stealthy and dangerous ninja tools you didn’t know existed

Growing up in the 90s, I was raised with the notion that ninja were teenage turtles, silent assassins or similar to the characters in Naruto. As much as we’d like to believe these were the reality, according to an interesting article from Listverse, the ninja that actually roamed the streets and castles as spies and assassins were humans who didn’t always dress in black (apparently they wore dark blue), and they didn’t regularly use the famous weapons we know so well.

So, if they weren’t using shuriken and long swords all of the time, what did they use? Researchers have been investigating the ancient style for decades and have uncovered some pretty amazing and ingenious items that you would never even dream of. There are probably thousands of ninja tools and techniques out there, but we’ll just focus on the few that Listverse brought into the open.

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Heroes in Japan post harsh reviews for a Hero’s Sword on Amazon Japan

Tales have oft been told of the mythical items to be found when journeying through the maze of shopping aisles in Japan’s online realm. From unusual manga characters to riot shields, it seems anything might be possible once you’ve entered through the magical portal known as Amazon Japan. Now it seems that visitors who stop by to make purchases are just as interesting as some of the items on offer, as self-proclaimed heroes and brave warriors from across the nation are buying swords from the marketplace and providing feedback on the efficacy of their items. Latest reviews are aimed at an innocent-looking plastic sword, which is said to be under-performing when it comes to vitality levels and magic ability.

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Chinese military truck tows giant rubber gun down the street, induces giggles 【Video】

Have you ever wondered how militaries transport their massive weapons and ordinances across countries or even continents? We always just pictured gigantic airplanes like in Operation Dumbo Drop, but apparently not. It turns that they just get trucks, latch the weapon on, and take off down the highway! Simple, if not just a little disappointing.

But for one Chinese army truck driver lugging an enormous gun, that operation turned out not to be quite so simple after all…

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Wreckage of World War II-era Japanese submersible aircraft carrier found off Hawaii

Japan and the nations the English-speaking RocketNews24 team hail from are on good terms these days, but just a few generations ago things weren’t so friendly. While the greatest scientific minds of Japan today focus on putting solar panels on the moon or turning algae into fuel, during the 1930s and 40s weapons development was a much bigger growth area than green energy.

Recently, the wreckage of one of the Japanese Imperial Navy’s most advanced pieces of equipment from World War II was discovered off the coast of Hawaii. What exactly was it? A submarine, or maybe an aircraft carrier?

It was both.

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Weird Cosplay: When AKB48 and Resident Evil Meet AK-47 Assault Rifles

What could be better than seeing a cute girl dressing as a member of AKB48 and dancing around in a uniform? A cute girl dressing as an AKB48 member firing military-grade weapons, apparently.

The following video and images come from Hyper Douraku, a Japanese gun enthusiast website that has teamed up with otaku favourite and “image” DVD (footage of girls in skimpy outfits in various poses) star Mii Aihara.

Dressed in a variety of hugely impractical outfits from AKB48 to Resident Evil‘s Jill Valentine, Mii heads down to the firing range to squeeze off a few rounds as part of the website’s “Guam Shooting Tour 2012.”

Why? We have no idea. But we still found ourselves watching bizarre video after bizarre video on the site.

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