Star Wars fans in Japan have to be the luckiest group of Padawans on the planet. From samurai figurines to cup clingers to ukiyo-e woodblock-style covers, limited-edition releases in the Land of the Rising Sun are blessed with extraordinary details that can’t be found anywhere else in the galaxy.

Now it’s time for Japanese confectionery chain Ginza Cozy Corner to weigh in on the celebrations, with a stunning lineup of cakes, tarts and limited edition tins that feature some of the cutest characters from the movie alongside some edible dark foes. We’ll need to summon up every ounce of the force within to bite into these because these are the most amazing sweets we’ve ever seen!

Available from November 1 until December 21, there are a number of special sets to choose from. The adorable nine-pack below retails for 2,160 yen (US$18) and contains (from top-left to right) a Storm Trooper cheese tart, a Wicket chocolate roll cake, a C-3PO lemon tart, Jabba the Hutt pistachio tart, a Star Wars Logo rasberry and chocolate cake, R2-D2 yoghurt cake, Darth Vader chocolate cake, The Imperial Army and Rebel Army pistachio and chocolate tart, and Yoda as a matcha powdered green tea tart.

Next up, there’s a unique sponge cake topped with fresh cream and biscuit flakes, all in the shape of R2-D2’s domed head for 2,700 yen.


There’s a cute two-pack of mechanical buddies R2-D2 and C-3PO for 1,404 yen. Here they come in the form of a cheese mousse cake (left) and a lemon mousse cake (right), complete with special packaging.



And for those who want a taste of the dark side, there’s the Storm Trooper white pudding and the Darth Vader chocolate pudding for 291 yen each.


There’s also a line of gift sets to share with friends, including plain and chocolate-flavoured Star Wars madeleines for 500 yen.


The Star Wars tin contains both flavours of madeleines plus some star cookies for 972 yen.


The Star Wars pouch contains seven sweets of four varieties for 1,188 yen.


And there’s a large box set of madeleines for 1,080 yen, which includes one of five exclusive stickers.


With such an amazing lineup of exclusive goods, Ginza Cozy Corner is certainly tempting us to take a bite out of the Dark Side. We really don’t think we’ll be able to resist!

Source: PR TIMES, Ginza Cozy Corner
Top Image: PR TIMES
Insert Images: PR TIMES, Ginza Cozy Corner