Gokiburi Kujo Maisuta (Cockroach Control Meister) is a service that helps provide estimates for the removal of terrifying cockroaches in the home. Thousands rely on them to kill off the shiny black terrors in kitchens and bedrooms across the country.

However, the company has apparently felt a pang of guilt recently. They feel that the roaches have done no wrong and are simply trying to exist just like everyone else. And so, the company has created Itsuki Kurohane: the cockroach moe girl to help combat the centuries of vilification unfairly handed down to these creatures.

Over the next month Gokiburi Kujo Maisuta is holding a contest to give away five Itsuki Kurohane hug pillows, but there’s a catch – besides her being a half-roach-half-human thing.

First here’s a little information on the new face of cockroaches.

By filling out the online application from the company’s website you will have entered to win one of five “A Prizes” which is an Itski Kurohane hug pillow featuring her in various states of dress.

Generally when a roach is on their back like that, I assume it’s dying but I guess it’s okay in her case. Five other lucky winners will receive “B Prizes” which are hug pillows featuring a photograph of a real cockroach top and bottom.

The contest will accept entries until 23 January, shortly after which we advise any trash collectors reading this to be on the lookout for five hug pillows with photos of cockroaches on them.

Source: Gokiburi Kujo Maisuta via Netlab (Japanese)