Twice a year, Japanese amateur manga convention, Comiket, rolls through town, bringing in its tow an apocalyptic nerd storm of cosplayers, manga enthusiasts and rare comic and figure hunters. If stereotypes are to be believed, this means that twice a year, instant ramen, energy drinks, curry and soda consumption spike considerably.


The convenience stores around the convention center hosting Comiket, Tokyo Big Sight, must also be buying into the stereotypes, as they appear to be preparing for a sheer caloric war of attrition with Comiket attendees. Pictures compiled at Japanese website, Nikita Sokuhou, show boxes and boxes of soda, cup noodles, energy drinks and more stacked outside of convenience stores like munitions boxes in a war zone.

We can only assume staff are also receiving rigorous training to respond to Comiket demand, practicing their energy drink Hail Marys and hot noodle cup handling skills.

comiket3 comiket4

Source: Nikita Sokuhou