2013.12.28 taiwanese mcds We recently found a McDonald’s in Taiwan with cashiers who served customers in ultra-cute pink maid uniforms, but apparently that was just the beginning. Not happy with just catering to McDonald’s customers with maid fetishes, this particular McDonald’s has been branching out and workers were seen wearing the iconic Japanese-style schoolgirl outfit, knee-high stockings and cat ears. These cat-eared Sailor Moon-inspired costumes were a big hit and have left netizens all over the world wanting more!

  • Sailor outfits, knee-highs…and McDonald’s hamburgers??

On December 26, workers at the McDonald’s branch in front of Taipei Station were seen wearing a white-trimmed black miniskirt and Japanese-style schoolgirl uniforms with a red tie and black knee-high stockings. And since that wasn’t enough, they also donned a set of cat ears.

  • A thank you with a salute

Previously, workers wearing the maid uniforms greeted customers by calling them “master” and using other maid-like phrases. But this time, while wearing the schoolgirl outfits, they very politely thanked each customer by calling them their mentor or senior as if the customer was an older student at the same school. They would then give the customer a salute with their right hand like they were in a police academy. The McDonald’s workers even greeted customers younger than them like this, which must have surprised them.

▼ Check out of video of the cat-eared schoolgirl McDonald’s workers in action

  • Flight attendant uniforms

A day before the schoolgirl outfits were introduced, the workers showed up in flight attendant uniforms, according to local media coverage. This cosplay promotion seems to be this McDonald’s branch’s fun way of counting down the days until the New Year. Maids, schoolgirls, flight attendants…they seem to be hitting every otaku’s dream scenario. The Facebook page for McDonald’s Taiwan says that all stores in the country will be participating in the cosplay promotion on December 31, which should make some New Year’s eve guests very happy.

  • Netizens can’t get enough

Taiwanese netizens were over the moon with the schoolgirl uniform-clad McDonald’s workers. A few even had requests for the next round of costume ideas.

Taiwan is really on a roll! Oh no, I’ve fallen in love. Can you please wear nurse uniforms next? What about the men dressing up like hot butlers?

Meanwhile, netizens from nearby countries couldn’t help but feel a little jealous that their local McDonald’s wasn’t doing the cosplay promotion.

Now, I kind of want to move to Taiwan. (Japan) This is just tragic! Why is it only Taiwanese McDonald’s?!? (HK) We are way behind Taiwan, we must catch up!! (HK)

While the Internet waits with bated breath to see what the next round of costumes looks like, check out the videos below of some of the coverage the Taiwanese McDonald’s cosplay staff has been getting! Let us know if you have any ideas for what these McDonald’s workers should wear next!

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