Twice a year, mother nature treats us to one of her most spectacular phenomenon: the mass migration of otaku through Kokusai-Tenjijō Station in Tokyo.

For years now scientists have been studying a unique pattern of movement among otaku in Japan. Although no one is quite sure what compels these majestic creatures to flock by the thousands to the Tokyo Big Sight convention center every year in the summer and winter, everyone agrees that it is a stunning scene.

This sight also draws several amateur nature documentarians from far and wide to witness the migration, such as twitter user @takuniku123 who recorded the first hundreds of otaku to pass through the gates of the Kokusai-Tenjijō Station on the Rinkai Line this winter.

The otaku can be seen flailing their arms and making loud whooping sounds which suggests that they are in heat and looking for a mate. Some say they can make out calls of something like “Touhou Project” among the crowd.


Of course, as is often the case with such migrations, predators are also attracted to the location as it is rich in prey. Like bears wading in a river of salmon, we can also see station attendants in the video patiently making their way through the flocks and fishing out those who fail to use the ticket gate properly in their haste.


Beyond this stretch, the rest of their journey remains a mystery, however. Researchers have yet to determine what happens at their destination as the otaku mark their territory with a potent musk which repels outsiders and decrease visibility with clouds generated by their own body heat. However, some photos taken on the periphery of the Tokyo Big Site have shown both male and female otaku displaying their colorful plumage in spirited competition with each other.

▼ Tokyo Big Site appears to be their destination.

It’s times like these that makes you reflect on how rich and diverse our planet is, and how there seems to be a sort of cosmic hand that guides everything in harmony. In fact, did you know that this mass migration is so precise that you can use it to predict when the next Comic Market or “Comiket” independent manga, anime, and video game convention is going to be?

Simply amazing.

Source: Twitter/@takuniku123
Featured image: Twitter/@takuniku123
Inset image: Wikipedia/Morio