Alien conspiracy theories have been with humankind for as long as we’ve looked up at the sky and thought “Holy crap, what is all that?!” Of course, we’ve answered a large part of that question, but the unknown and not-quite-totally-explained still account for vast swathes of the world around us, like “dark energy,” calculus, and what’s really in McNuggets.

And while scientists are hard at work answering our questions, we’re sorry to say we’re not really helping. Here’s one more thing to add to the list of the unexplained: Strange lights spotted in the sky over Tokyo!

Around 4:40 pm on the 25th of December, several blurry, white objects were spotted high in the sky over Tokyo. Though easy to miss if you’re not looking carefully, their presence was spotted and recorded by someone who was, luckily, hanging out on a balcony. A total of six of the spots were seen, though only five are clearly visible in the videos that appeared on YouTube soon after.


Apparently, the white spots moved incredibly slowly and maintained their perfect formation for around 10 minutes before disappearing in the direction of Yamanashi Prefecture. Due to their lethargic pace, it seems unlikely that the blurs were either planes or helicopters. Additionally, the perfectly-maintained formation makes it unlikely that they were just clouds.

▼ Click for larger version.


This lead the videographer to wonder if the spots were actually alien UFOs–or perhaps Santa Claus flying home after a busy night. A more realistic answer might be sun dogs or some other peculiar refraction of sunlight in the atmosphere like mirages or light pillars.

Of course, they may have been the Moon People coming to pick up Kaguya Hime! We’re not really certain, but be sure to check out the videos below and tell us if you can figure it out!

We may never know for sure exactly what these mysterious lights were, but be sure to share your hypotheses in the comments! Right now, we’re leaning towards “strange atmospheric phenomenon,” though we could be persuaded that it was aliens looking for some Christmas KFC

Source and images: Otakuma