Takasu covers のコピー

The subject of plastic surgery has come up in a number of our past articles, but did you know there’s a certain cosmetic surgeon here in Japan who is practically a national celebrity? If you’ve spent some time in Japan, you may have heard of Dr. Katsuya Takasu, known for his chain of clinics for cosmetic procedures, the Takasu Clinic.  Although he’s strictly a cosmetic surgeon by profession and not a media personality or entertainer, his face and name are recognizable to virtually everyone in Japan, thanks in large part to a series of unique ads that have aired on TV over the years.

Well, it now seems the good doctor will be coming out with some goods that have nothing to do with plastic surgery, but still boldly feature pictures of himself, and the sheer visual impact of these goods have definitely caught the attention of Japanese netizens. But don’t take our word for it, see the pictures yourself!

The goods in question are notebooks with images of the doctor appearing prominently on the cover, so you can understand why we said that they have nothing to do with surgery. They’re actually modeled after the “study notebooks” or gakushucho that young Japanese students traditionally use in grade school. (And yes, we’re pretty sure they’re meant as a kind of joke.)

The best part about these notebooks are the “before and after” pictures of the doctor on the back cover. It so happens that Dr. Takasu is known for trying many of the latest cosmetic, anti-aging procedures himself, and it seems that promoting a lifestyle of looking young and fit is a family tradition for the Takasus, as two of the doctor’s three sons and his daughter are members of the medical team at Takasu Clinic. In fact, some of the cosmetic work the doctor has undergone has been done by one of his sons. Dr. Takasu’s now deceased wife was a cosmetic surgeon as well.

There are apparently two types of notebooks that will be made available:

▼The shinsatsucho, or “medical examination notebook”, shows on the back cover Dr. Takasu’s pictures before and after some facelift work. The pictures are followed by a description of what a full facelift entails.
Takasu shinsatucho full

▼The renshucho, or “writing practice notebook”, features pictures showing Dr. Takasu’s physical transformation after undergoing an innovative body sculpting procedure called “Michelangelo”. According to the description below the pictures, the procedure, which was first developed in Columbia, allows you to literally design and shape your body like a sculpture by Michelangelo.
Takasu renshucho full

The notebooks are scheduled to go on sale on February 25 at a price of 480 yen (US$4.60), and what’s more, there will also be additional products coming out as well, including a set of three plastic folders — of course with Dr. Takasu’s pictures! Now, you have to admit that the doctor looks incredibly good for someone who’ll be turning 70 next year.

Takasu folders

So, would you want own one of these notebooks? Whether they’re to your liking or not, they’re sure to leave a strong impression on anyone who sees them!

Source: IT Media (Japanese)
Photos: shinsatsucho notebook (AMAZON.JP),  renshucho notebook (AMAZON.JP),  plastic folder set (AMAZON.JP