Just how waterproof is this waterproof notebook? We put it to the test, SoraNews24 style

We give this notebook the wet and wild treatment!

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Starbucks turns its milk packs into notebooks with popular Japanese stationery brand

Global coffeehouse chain sets out on a sustainable journey in Japan. 

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Japan’s hot anime boy notebooks give you a reward every time you turn the page

Unique notebooks promise to motivate and/or distract you during tough study sessions and boring business meetings.

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Japanese stationery fans go crazy for memo pad that slowly reveals Kyoto temple as you use it

The unusual memo pad has become so popular it’s caused the maker’s online store to shut down.

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What can you tell about people from their notebook scribbles? One artist decides to find out!

Notebook and diary planner posts from a Japanese artist offer a small peek into the inner lives of ordinary people.

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Renowned Japanese cosmetic surgeon comes out with … totally funky stationery!

The subject of plastic surgery has come up in a number of our past articles, but did you know there’s a certain cosmetic surgeon here in Japan who is practically a national celebrity? If you’ve spent some time in Japan, you may have heard of Dr. Katsuya Takasu, known for his chain of clinics for cosmetic procedures, the Takasu Clinic.  Although he’s strictly a cosmetic surgeon by profession and not a media personality or entertainer, his face and name are recognizable to virtually everyone in Japan, thanks in large part to a series of unique ads that have aired on TV over the years.

Well, it now seems the good doctor will be coming out with some goods that have nothing to do with plastic surgery, but still boldly feature pictures of himself, and the sheer visual impact of these goods have definitely caught the attention of Japanese netizens. But don’t take our word for it, see the pictures yourself!

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