Twitter user @sazaki0 recently got an unpleasant surprise when she discovered a mouse had taken up residence in her house, but this particular mouse had far better manners than your average rodent, offering a gift of chocolate to the lady of the house. Her full story after the jump.

Along with the picture above, a bewildered @sazaki0 posted, “A mouse moves into my house→ I spot it in the morning, and jokingly make a leap at it, unexpectedly catching it→ We are both shocked for a moment, then flee to make preparations for battle→ The mouse ventures out again→ I give it a dog treat as a peace offering→ It takes the treat and disappears→ It returns a moment later with a piece of chocolate I don’t even remember and leaves it for me.”

Rather than the arrival of a rodent being a cause for distress, it seems to have been a touching moment. Twitter users responded:

– Aw, what a good boy!
– He’s so cute…
– When you barter, sometimes you end up making very strange trades.
– Maybe mice also have rules about not being in someone’s debt. Mysterious!

Whatever prompted this exchange, I think we can all agree it was a much better deal than what mice usually leave for you…

Source and images: My Game News Flash