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It’s your chance to show a bit of class and keep your precious tech from getting damaged.

Echizen lacquer, sometimes referred to as Echizen Shikki, is a traditional Japanese craft that has 1,500 years of history behind it. These beautiful bowls, cups and other home goods can be seen in numerous Japanese households and often make popular gifts. Normally starting with wood, the goods are crafted and then sealed and finished with lacquer and often decorated with drawings that are fixed with metals such as gold and silver. The result is a beautiful and intricate piece that would look stunning in anyone’s home.

Now thanks to Tsuchinao Collection, you’ll be able to take the look of Echizen lacquer ware with you as you go about your daily business, as long as you have an iPhone that is.

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These gorgeous iPhone cases come in one of six designs. There are a checkered pattern, the seven treasures, waves, an arrow pattern, yuisakura, and dots.

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For this set, you will be able to buy a case that fits either iPhone 6/6S or their plus versions. Normal size iPhone 6 cases will cost 5,400 yen (US$53.30) while the bigger iPhone 6 plus covers will cost 6,480 ($64). Readers who are interested should check out Tsuchinao Collection’s Rakuten page to order online.

▼ Unfortunately, not available on their Rakuten site are these amazingly nerdy Star Wars cases

Bring the traditional past with you into the future with these phone covers, and we bet if your iPhone could speak, it would definitely thank you for the sweet new look.

Source: Japaaan Magazine
Images: Tsuchinao Collection