Toagosei’s Aron Alpha brand of instant adhesives, sold as Krazy Glue in the U.S., is trying a new approach to get consumers stuck on its products.

A “Kimi ni, Kuttsuke!” (Stick to You!) campaign is promoting Aron Alpha’s multipurpose, fast-acting adhesive with anime-style art and a romance story. Three versions of a “trailer” for the promotion debuted online on Wednesday.

Full Version

30-Second Version

6-Second Version

In the story, Tsukuno Imasugu is a second-year high school student who loves plastic models and assembling them with Aron Alpha glue. She often makes plastic models in her classroom and loses track of everything else. Kuttsu, the most popular boy in her school, starts talking to Tsukuno. She tells him not to get so close and follow her everywhere, but he persists. A relationship begins to develop between the two.

The characters’ names are puns related to adhesives. The cast includes:

Kana Asumi as Tsukuno Imasugu, a second-year high school student whose friends are plastic models and Aron Alpha. She is a serious girl who gets completely absorbed in making plastic models. She has no experience with love but begins to have feelings for Kuttsu.

Kōtarō Nishiyama as Tsuyoshi Kuttsu, a popular boy who gets a love confession from a girl once a week. He has a bright personality and is good at sports. He is in the same class with Tsukuno beginning this year, and he starts being drawn to her.

Yurina Amami as Shunka Hayasugi, Tsukuno’s classmate who is like an idol in their school. She goes after guys in a calculated way, and she can instantly reel them in. She can’t stand when something she wants is out of her grasp. Kuttsu is her ex, and she is determined to get him back.

Shunya Hiruma as Tarō Hagashi, Tsukuno’s classmate and childhood friend. He is a serious honors student who has watched over Tsukuno since they were young. He has feelings for Tsukuno but can’t express them. He feels bewildered by the appearance of Kuttsu, who was able to rapidly close the distance between himself and Tsukuno.

The kanji characters used for “kiss” to describe the “heart-clenching kiss love story” mean “fastening with glue.” May 23 is “Kiss Day” in Japan, a day that marks the first time a kiss scene in a Japanese film was screened.

Source: YouTube/toagoseiaronalpha, Aron Alpha, Aron AlphaMoCa News
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