Now we can finally take Sheikah selfies.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been one of the biggest video game hits of the year, singlehandedly turning Nintendo Switch skeptics into believers. And with the game’s popularity, fans have gone to extreme efforts to replicate their favorite items and bring the Breath of the Wild experience to real life.

And now Nintendo is releasing an accessory that lets you turn your iPhone into one of the coolest items in the game: the Sheikah Slate. Essentially a Hyrulian tablet infused with magic, maybe the case will help you find some nearby shrines of your own?

▼ Here’s the announcement tweet. (Translation below)

“We will be adding the ‘Sheikah Slate’ iPhone silicone case to the My Nintendo Store on October 4. We also have a discount available for My Nintendo Points. The end date for the discount is October 2 at 6:00 p.m.”

No mention of rune-compatibility, or which parts of the map of Hyrule it comes pre-loaded with, but there is some other information, so let’s take a look:

▼ The phone case is limited supply, and knowing Nintendo, they probably mean it.
Just looking at the design, it’s almost exactly like the one Link has by his side!

▼ They will be sending out a Sheikah Slate screen saver, and the case has
faithfully-recreated textures to it, including the clear and shiny eye.

▼ The case will fit any iPhone 8, 7, 6s and 6. Those with 50 Gold Points at
My Nintendo can bring the price down from 3,980 yen (US$36) to 2,786 yen.

The Sheikah Slate case will officially go on sale for order from October 4 to 16 at Japan’s My Nintendo Store, and will be shipped out in December. Just in time to be the perfect Christmas present for the Zelda-lover in your life?

Unfortunately the case is only for iPhones (sorry Android users!), and there doesn’t seem to be any information about a release outside of Japan. But if you have a friend in Japan with a My Nintendo account, then maybe they can become your best friend and order it for you?

Hopefully if the case is successful, then we’ll see it released to the rest of the world. Until then though, we’ll just have to figure out a way to build one of our own with goods from the 100 yen store, just like we’ve seen before.

Source: My Nintendo Store via My Game News Flash
Images: My Nintendo Store