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Apple’s iPhone 6 has gotten a lot of press for being very flexible in all the wrong situations. Competitors are chomping at the bit to occupy any ground the iPhone gives up. Introducing OPPO’s new entry into an extremely saturated market, the R5. Coming in at a ludicrously slender 4.85 mm, OPPO is ready to show the world what its new phone can do. In an obvious attempt to illustrate the clear differences between Apple’s phone and OPPO’s R5, they created a commercial to show just how tough it really is. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have some fruit to cut, a nail to hammer in, or need to lift a car 4.85 mm off the ground, don’t take out a multi-tool, just get out your new R5!

Being touted as the thinnest smartphone available on the market, (although it likely won’t stay that way for long) OPPO’s new R5 is a wunderkind of engineering. OPPO is so excited about showing you the capabilities of the phone, they filmed a little promo video. Full disclaimer, none of the following features are going to help you make a phone call.

First shown against the strength of an apple, the R5 smashes right through that.

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An apple is a silly weak fruit anyway, how about a watermelon?

oppo 2

Just like the rubber band videos you’ve been seeing, the R5 chops it up no problem.

oppo 6

See a nail that needs hammering down? You can handle that with your phone now!

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Their last test is a feature for forgetful and clumsy phone users, the R5 is shown being driven over.

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But still works after the test.

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You probably won’t be seeing an iPhone 6 put to similar tests when it was noticeably bent after just spending some time in your pocket. OPPO clearly knows who they are marketing their phones to. Skinny jeaned hipsters who need to hammer in every nail they see. Line starts around the block.

Source: CURAZY
Images: YouTube