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Heads up, snack fans! Japan’s Tohato foods has just announced a new brand that will hit shelves later this month. Called “Ninja Snack Fuwamaru“, they’re purported to melt away like a ninja into the night. Hmmm…

The corn chips’ makers claim that their shuriken-shaped snacks are so amazingly light that they will vanish as if into thin air when placed on the tongue. Apparently aimed at those who eat on-the-go, the chips weigh almost nothing and won’t leave their consumer feeling uncomfortably full or spoil their later meals, so these might be a good choice for people who are trying to go easy on the treats more than anyone looking to satisfy a real hunger.

To be fair, most of the chips we eat tend to “vanish” like ninjas, too, since we stuff them into our faces like there’s no tomorrow, so we’re withholding judgement on this one until we can grab a few bags for one of our taste tests. Even so, we’re looking forward to this one.

Ninja Snack Fuwamaru go sale in Japan from February 17 for 126 yen (US$1.24), and will come in two flavours, lightly salted and menkaiko, the latter being a kind of marinated pollock roe which often has a slightly spicy kick to it and is far tastier than it may sound.

Source: Entabe