Whoever coined the phrase “Vanity, thy name is woman,” clearly was not a balding man. From implants to Rogaine, men (and some women) with thinning hair are willing to pay a lot of money to keep their cranium covered. A recent study suggest they might be better off making a trip to the greengrocer to return their locks to lusciousness.

Scientists at Kinki University (no, that’s not a joke, it’s a region in Japan) report that an extract from broccoli sprouts was used to promote the division of cells in the papilla, the base of a hair follicle where hair growth signals are regulated. This increased the production of a protein used in hair growth by 40 percent.


Sprouts have long been considered a healthy food, and the high level of antioxidants in broccoli sprouts have made them a target for various fields of research in recent years. In this study, researchers looked specifically at whether they might have benefits for hair restoration. Moving forward, they will attempt to identify the active ingredients in the extract and look at possible different formulations for application.

Before you head out to the supermarket, the study doesn’t indicate whether eating broccoli sprouts has the same benefits. I suppose you could always try rubbing them on your scalp, though…

Source: Zaeega
Images: Joseph Enterprises, Zaeega