There’s nothing quite as satisfying as punching out the days on these traditional paper doors.

Japan likes to think outside of the box when creating unique items of stationery, and just when we think we’ve seen it all, new creators keep pushing the envelope with even more impressive ideas that have us widening our eyes in amazement.

The latest creation to cause a stir in Japan comes from a student at Tama Art University, who posted several images of a simple yet novel product on Twitter just a few days ago. Since it appeared online, the tweet has received over 220,000 likes and almost 100,000 retweets, with everyone wanting to get their hands on the unusual item.

“I made a calendar that looks like a shoji paper sliding door.
You can punch through the shoji every day.”

Proving that the simplest ideas are often the most effective, this design uses just two parts: a wooden box-like stand and a wooden insert, shaped like a traditional Japanese sliding screen door. The paper behind the slats on the door are numbered to indicate the dates of the month, while the top row shows the days of the week in Japanese.

While the calendar itself looks beautiful, the interactive element is what really sets it apart from other calendars on the market. Instead of crossing off each day as it passes, users get to punch through the corresponding date on the thin paper strip behind each square instead.

After laying eyes on the unusual calendar, people in Japan are keen to try out this stress-relieving exercise for themselves, leaving comments like:

“Omg this looks like so much fun! I’d punch through a whole year in five minutes!”
“What an ingenious idea! This is like all my childhood dreams come true!”
“I’d look forward to waking up every day if I had a calendar like this!”
“Wow – this would make a great advent calendar!”
“I want this so much! Is there any chance you might start selling it?”

Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on whether or not the creator will be bringing the product to the market any time soon, but we hope it will happen in the future, as there’s obviously a huge demand for the stress-relieving calendar.

Until then, we’ll have to track down this bubble wrap iPhone case to help keep our stress levels at bay!

Source, featured image: Twitter/@five1996